This is my theorem about organizing:

  1. If organizing is done right, it only has to be done once and you are done. We shouldn’t have to re-organize things just to keep them clean and tidy.
  2. Your organization should do the work for you. The purpose of organizing is not just to make things look pretty. The purpose is to make your work easier or to eliminate the work entirely.
  3. Truly organizing and not just making it look cleaner for a while will most likely cost you a little bit of money if you want it to last forever.
  4. There are so many ideas about how to organize this or that. There should be one process for you to learn so that you can organize everything and anything without having to come up with your own idea after looking at pin after pin on Pinterest.

So what’s the organizing process?

Answer these questions and you’re already on your way to having a more organized home:

  1. Which area in your home is causing you the most stress? (Organize that first, and then move on to the next most stressful thing and organize that next and so forth. Remember that you don’t have be perfect and have everything organized all at once. You just to be good and getting better.) Answer the rest of the questions below for the space you identified as causing you the most stress at this time:
  2. Identify the biggest offenders. What is creating the most clutter or stress in this area?
  3. Why are those items in this space? Can they be placed somewhere else if they are not being used frequently or if the chore can be delegated?
  4. What are some categories I can create so that I can bunch similar things together?
  5. What and how many containers will I need so that everything within this space has a comfortable roomy home?
  6. What are the bad habits in myself, my family, or other people using that space?
  7. Is the container, place, or organization idea compatible with my people’s bad habits?
  8. Do I have a container or place big enough for the items to go in so that they are easily identifiable at a glance?
  9. Will my organization idea be easy for putting things away for both my people and myself?
  10. Are there unnecessary items in my space that can either be put in a different place, thrown away, or donated?
  11. What will I have to do and how often will I have to do it in order to tidy this area? Is that realistically doable for me?
  12. How much will I need to budget in order to get this space permanently organized?
  13. Is everything labeled so that all the people using this space will know where to find things and how to put them back?

Soon, I will have a more suitable theorem for organizing areas in your life that don’t require containers or labeling. 🙂 But, for now let’s start with your home. You’ll see. After you organize one space, you’ll feel much better about yourself and you’ll be motivated to do more. Try it.