Nothing in my life has been more difficult and life changing as raising kids.

I have always been a generally happy-go-lucky kind of girl. I like to think I am, for the most part, cheerful, easy to entertain, easy to please, helpful, loving, nonjudgemental, and positive.

After I had my first baby, I realized there was a different side of me that I had never seen before. I became worrisome, depressed, demotivated, irritable, and critical of others.

Thanks to my husband Jim, I have been able to realize my limitations, acknowledge my successes, and understand how to cope with stressful things. Though it was not always easy and it took a lot of time, I have come to see just how liberating organization, planning, and order within myself and within my home can actually be.

My goal for this website is to share with others what I have learned about organization and how it helps me to deal with anxiety, to establish a happy family, to find my own happiness within, and to be stress free so that I can focus on things in life that matter most to me.

As crazy as it sounds, since I have learned to organize, I feel more confident in pretty much every aspect of my life. I guess being able to organize things has made me feel like I have at least one skill that is useful. And because I have that skill, I am capable of achieving many more things that may seem daunting.

I want you to feel that way too–like you can do hard things. I want you to feel that you are a good mom, that you can keep a clean house and have a happy family and live a happy and fulfilling life. I want you to feel like you have something to add to this world. I want you to feel like your life has meaning, value, and purpose. I want you to feel that you are important and capable.

So check out my process for organizing everything and learn how you, too, can gain confidence in your life with one tiny skill.